Publications on Kayzero for Windows or Kayzero/Solcoi ont the internet:

On the implementation of the k0-NAA method using the Kayzero software:

Installation and calibration of Kayzero-assisted NAA in three Central European countries via a Copernicus project.

The validation of Kayzero-assisted NAA in Budapest, Rez, and Ljubljana via the analysis of three BCR certified reference materials.

Installation of Kayzero-INAA standardization in the TNRC and its applications for trace elements determination in different materials.

Validation of k0 standardization method in neutron activation analysis—The use of Kayzero for Windows programme at the nuclear physics institute, Rež

Determination of a and f for k0-NAA in irradiation sites with high thermalized neutrons

The Verification of Neutron Activation Analysis Support System(Cooperative Research).

k0-NAA quality assessment by analysis of different certified reference materials using the KAYZERO/SOLCOI software

On data for and options built in Kayzero :

New Experimental k0 and Related Data for Generalized Activation/Decay Cases Implemented in the "Kayzero" Software Package

Loss-free counting in NAA using KAYZERO evaluation software

A re-examination of coincidence and gamma-peak doublet handling in Kayzero-based NAA

On comparison of k0 NAA software packages and data :

Comparison of Kayzero for Windows and k0-IAEA software packages for k0 standardization in neutron activation analysis

Comparison of Chinese and European K0 Software

Validation of the IRDF-2002 dosimetry library

On applications using Kayzero for NAA :

Determination of major and trace elements in iron-nickel-copper-cobalt ore reference materials using k0-NAA

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