Kayzero for Windows


NAA software based on the k0-standardisation method developed by Frans De Corte and Andras Simonits.

Thanks to the k0-standardisation method, Neutron Activation Analysis has evolved to an efficient element analysis technique that can even be used commercially. Kayzero(R) calculates element concentrations taking into account all aspects dealt with in the k0-method, including efficiency and coincidence correction calculation (Solcoi(R)).

The Kayzero/Solcoi (R) software was developed by Robbert van Sluijs at DSM Research, The Netherlands, under the care of the fathers of the k0-method, Prof. Dr. Frans De Corte and Dr. Andras Simonits.

All information requests and orders should be addressed to: R. van Sluijs. k0-ware, The Netherlands. (e-mail: robbert.van.sluijs@hetnet.nl).

  • Spectrum Deconvolution
    Spectrum deconvolution (determination of peak locations and areas) is not implemented in Kayzero for Windows, file formats for spectrum and peak table files from Sampo90, Hypermet, Hyperlab and Genie are supported; other formats on request (free of charge).

  • Information on the software
    Have a look at Screen Captures from Kayzero for Windows or download the program and use it as a Demo version. Or have a look at some literature on Kayzero and presentations on Kayzero for Windows: at the NAMLS, at the 4th k0-users Workshop and at the MARC-VII.

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  • Demo
    Find the program and new updates of Kayzero for Windows at the download page Without Dongle or license it is a demo-version.

  • Upgrades
    Kayzero for Windows Version 2 included: integrated direct SOLCOI calculations, multi-monitor f and alpha determination, reactor fluxvariation during irradiation, burn up correction, U-fission interference correction, threshold reaction interference correction and improved gamma interference correction.

    The latest major upgrade of Kayzero for Windows, Version 3, is not free of charge.This upgrade includes the 2015 library, thermal (semi-automatic) and epi-thermal selfshielding correction (C. Chilian), extended uncertainties and non-1/v solution. Please mail for a quotation and more information.

  • Whats New? -
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    Conference Overview
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    Upcoming conferences (where Kayzero for Windows will be present):
    3rd International Conference on Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry712 May 2023 / Budapest, Hungary

    Gamma spectrometry system and software Suppliers:
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