Kayzero for Windows, Whats New?

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24-09-2018: Conferences MTAA-15 and SAAGAS 27
21-01-2018: Bug removed in select analytical lines.
16-07-2017: Small re-design and new version of V3.
12-01-2014: DownLoad Page and Conferences update.
19-02-2012: Kayzero for Windows Version 3 ready!!.
05-05-2010: New update Kayzero for Windows 2.30
15-11-2008: Download page re-styled
09-11-2008: Information on training in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
24-10-2008: Link to the website of the 5th k0-users workshop
28-09-2008: New update of Kayzero for Windows Available V2.20
01-05-2008: k0-users workshop/delay of update/Hypermet PC free!
21-10-2007: Announcement of planned update in Januari 2008.
04-07-2007: New KayWin 2.15: Bugs corrected: decay correction for Rh-104 at 555.8, date problem fixed 05-06-2007: Prof. Frans De Corte retired, Kayzero for Windows is now distributed by k0-ware (R. van Sluijs). 10-03-2007: New Kaywin 2.14: Improved interference correction in select analytical lines, extra checks on errors.
05-02-2007: New Kaywin 2.14 Beta: Several small bugs fixed.
20-11-2006: Several bugs fixed (saving font, storing efficiency, small things).
22-10-2006: Several bugs fixed (saving text files, invisible elements and f&alpha:'bare'-method).
13-10-2006: The Real KfW 'September 2006'-version.
10-09-2006: New faster SolCoi programs, KfW 'September 2006'-version.
11-07-2006: Option for mailing list; announcement of new Solcoi Programs.
16-05-2006: Presentation given at MarcVII added; MTAA-12 reference added.
19-02-2006: New Kayzero for Windows version 2.05: Comma Separated File Output Added.
06-02-2006: New Kayzero for Windows version 2.04: Updated.
22-01-2006: New Kayzero for Windows version 2.03: FullVersion but it's a DemoVersion if you don't have a key.
04-12-2005: First draft of manual added, program updated.
29-11-2005: Download page with latest updates (also as demo), manual and vademecum.
11-10-2005: Announcement Kayzero for windows: ready, MARC VII.
20-09-2005: Powerpoint presentations and final program k0-users workshop.
06-07-2005: New Kayzero for Windows Version announcement, Apsorc 2005.
21-03-2005: 2nd Announcement k0 users Workshop.
14-02-2005: Windows Version can be downloaded for registrated users and as trial version for others.
08-09-2004: Windows Version Available, 4th k0 users workshop info.
18-07-2004: Kayzero for Windows Screen Captures.
14-07-2004: Kayzero for Windows Beta Version Ready.
23-03-2004: Kayzero for Windows Info Update.
06-01-2004: New Host.
05-11-2003: Main text Updated.
01-11-2003: Hyperlab link and Whats New added.
29-10-2003: Links and information on Kayzero for Windows Added.